[CentOS] DVD reader: Hardware problem or OS glitch?

Tue Apr 29 18:16:26 UTC 2008
Lanny Marcus <lannyma at gmail.com>

On 29 April 2008, MHR mhullrich at gmail.com wrote:
>Tue Apr 29 16:57:24 UTC 2008
>I am unclear on which parts of the above post are yours and which are
>from the thread.

Sorry! I am making a mess of my posts.

>Can you access the contents of the DVD from a command line at all?  If
>so, have you tried doing the rpm install from the command line?

Yes. I installed the kdeedu RPM  awhile ago. Using the command line, I
can mount and access the DVD, without any problem.

>What make and model of DVD drive is it?

I think it is a TEAC drive. Doesn't say on the front panel.

>What kind of controller is it
>connected to?  Have you checked all the cables to make sure that they
>are properly connected and the drive has its jumpers in the right

It's connected to the EIDE controller on the motherboard.  I haven't
checked the cables or jumpers, because it is otherwise working OK, in
Windoze and from the command line.

>I have heard that mixing FC and CentOS rpms is not a good idea,
>although IIRC FC6 and CentOS 5 are reasonably close.

For sure that is true. Upstream does not include the kdeedu RPM in
their distribution, so CentOS doesn't have it and that package is
something we use here. I think CentOS5 is based on FC6.  That's the
only RPM I'm using off the FC6 Install DVD and it works fine on CentOS

Thank you Mark! Lanny