[CentOS] ext2online / ext2resize

Fri Aug 8 01:32:14 UTC 2008
Al Sparks <data345 at yahoo.com>

I'm running CentOS 5.2 x x86_64.

I did an lvextend of a logical volume, and proceeded to run one of the
ext2 utilities (e.g. ext2online, ext2resize) and found to my surprise
that it wasn't on there.

So I started googling around, and as far as I can see, though I'm not
sure, they're supposed to be a part of the e2fsprogs package.

Well, it's installed on the system, at least the x86_64 version is.

Should I be downloading the i386 version of that package?  If I do,
will I be stomping on the x86_64 tools?

Is there another package I should be looking at?

BTW, I tried loading the source, and compiling, ./configure and make
  === Al