[CentOS] RE: Adaptec 2820 & 2gig+ partitions

Wed Aug 20 21:57:15 UTC 2008
Brian Marshall <bm at smiz.biz>

Hi All,

I have some general questions about setting up partitions. I have been  
struggling to get an array to mount since I upgraded the drives and  
exceeded a 2 gig partition so now the logical drive won't mount after  
the install.

That being said I have a few questions.

Does anyone have any experience or advice for setting up large arrays  
on 5.2 x86_64? My understanding is I need to setup a GPT partition but  
I am not having any luck getting a good configuration during the  
install process. Should I just not try during the install and use  
parted afterwards or is there a better way to go about this?

Also, during testing I just let it do a default configuration on the  
drives and noticed that it setup a 100mgb partition with the boot map  
on it and the rest as a LVM volume. Is this a preferred way to do it  
these days?

Thanks for any advice/help