[CentOS] Boot CentOS 5 to command line

Mon Aug 18 18:56:52 UTC 2008
Michael Peterson <mpeterson at mail.charlesfurniture.com>

Once you boot into GUI you can login as root or login as a user and 
once in a terminal window su - to root and then change the line in
/etc/inittab from
You can also do init 3 after saving the change to see what will happen
before rebooting.
This will keep the GUI login from being run and boot all enabled console
screens and leave you at a character login.
The way to boot without any services as needed is to login as root or become
root with su - once the system
is booted into runlevel 3 or 5 and do init 1 or telinit 1.
This will put the system in single user runlevel and shut off all services
similar to rescue mode.
This would only allow you work from the console until you changed back to
runlevel 3 or 5.


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Hi fellows,

Pretty new to CentOS.
I was trying to find a way to boot CentOS into command prompt instead of GUI
(or without loading any services).
Tried using 'Crl+Alt+F1' at the boot process, but, that holds the screen at
mounting and doing fstab and doesn't proceed further.
Is there anyother way to boot CentOS into command prompt without using
Rescue option from the installation CD?



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