[CentOS] Boot CentOS 5 to command line

Mon Aug 18 19:33:26 UTC 2008
Bobby <bobby at d4business.com>

On Monday 18 August 2008 14:46:22 ABBAS KHAN wrote:
> Hi fellows,
> Pretty new to CentOS.
> I was trying to find a way to boot CentOS into command prompt instead of
> GUI (or without loading any services).
> Tried using 'Crl+Alt+F1' at the boot process, but, that holds the screen at
> mounting and doing fstab and doesn't proceed further.
> Is there anyother way to boot CentOS into command prompt without using
> Rescue option from the installation CD?
> Thanks.
> Best.

Then there is the temporary method for when you forget the passwd. Or simply 
want to get into single user mode. Which is to add the word single to the 
kernel boot line (if you are using GRUB boot loader, which is default in 

When GRUB appears press any key to stop the automatic countdown.
Select the kernel to boot from and press e for edit.
Then cursor down to the line that starts with kernel (usually the 2nd line), 
and press e to edit that line. Go to the end of the line and add a space and 
the word single.
Press Enter to accept your change, and b to boot. 
It will now boot with your change.

Please note, since we did not actually alter the config file it will not 
retain this change at any subsequent boots.