[CentOS] Yum corrupting RPMs

Mon Aug 25 03:09:32 UTC 2008
Tom Lanyon <tom at netspot.com.au>

On 25/08/2008, at 12:17 PM, Ray Van Dolson wrote:

> What's the exact error you get from yum?  One thing you can do is to
> check the output of sha1sum against the RPM in the Yum cache on the
> client machine and compare that against the checksum value stored in
> the primary.xml.gz file for one of the bad packages.
> Ray


Thanks, I was just checking the SHA sums using sha1sum and yum's  
misc.checksum() and I couldn't get either to match what's in the  
primary.xml.gz metadata.

Further investigation seems to indicate the upstream mirror we're  
syncing from is corrupt. Whoops, who looks silly now. :)

Thanks all,