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Wed Aug 27 06:30:46 UTC 2008
Sadaruwan Samaraweera <slinuxworld at gmail.com>


 Yes I know what your saying ok! I didn't ask him any descent question but I
gave a solution based on my experience. So why hell r u guy's coming after
me and as you said in the world of IT there are lot of perhaps OK buddy.


On Wed, Aug 27, 2008 at 9:11 AM, Spiro Harvey, Knossos Networks Ltd <
spiro at knossos.net.nz> wrote:

> ISPConfig or anything but it was my net drivers but after installing the
>> proper once I didn't got that problem ever again. So that's why I gave him
>> this solution. And the other thing if you know more or a better way just
>> tall him don't try to correct others ok.
> Because your solution was likely for a specific network card, which
> incidentally you didn't inform us as to what that was. Neither did the OP
> give any indication as to what his network card is, so your recommendation
> based on the information given, was wrong and dangerous.
> The correct thing to do is not give the guy rubbish answers, but to ask him
> more questions so that we can make a reasonable assessment of what is
> actually happening before we can determine what is wrong.
> Perhaps his card is not plugged in right. Perhaps he has a loose cable.
> Perhaps there's a port on his switch that's intermittently failing, perhaps
> there's a cron job to shut down the network card. Perhaps some firewall
> rules are being activated or disabled stopping a service from running.
> Perhaps SELinux is blocking something. Perhaps any number of other things.
> Is the network card actually being deactivated, or is he just not able to
> talk to a service? We don't know. He hasn't given us enough info yet.
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