[CentOS] Help me

Wed Aug 27 03:41:21 UTC 2008
Spiro Harvey, Knossos Networks Ltd <spiro at knossos.net.nz>

> ISPConfig or anything but it was my net drivers but after installing the
> proper once I didn't got that problem ever again. So that's why I gave him
> this solution. And the other thing if you know more or a better way just
> tall him don't try to correct others ok.

Because your solution was likely for a specific network card, which 
incidentally you didn't inform us as to what that was. Neither did the 
OP give any indication as to what his network card is, so your 
recommendation based on the information given, was wrong and dangerous.

The correct thing to do is not give the guy rubbish answers, but to ask 
him more questions so that we can make a reasonable assessment of what 
is actually happening before we can determine what is wrong.

Perhaps his card is not plugged in right. Perhaps he has a loose cable. 
Perhaps there's a port on his switch that's intermittently failing, 
perhaps there's a cron job to shut down the network card. Perhaps some 
firewall rules are being activated or disabled stopping a service from 
running. Perhaps SELinux is blocking something. Perhaps any number of 
other things.

Is the network card actually being deactivated, or is he just not able 
to talk to a service? We don't know. He hasn't given us enough info yet.

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