[CentOS] New rpm, same name, how to update

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Mon Dec 8 17:43:26 UTC 2008

Warren Young wrote:
> Robert Moskowitz wrote:
>>>> I have to build my own rpms 
>> For this I will have to work with the developers to find out where the 
>> spec file is and how to change it without breaking something (or get 
>> them to change it!).
> If you can build the RPM, you do have access to the spec file.  If 
> you're building directly from a .src.rpm with rpmbuild, it's embedded in 
> the .src.rpm making things a little tougher.  Best is if you're building 
> from some kind of source tree and so have the .spec file right there.

I am building from some kind of source tree, so I await the developers 
help. But you here have given me some direction to push them to 'do the 
right thing'.

I am the first one on this project that is installing the code on a 
number of systems, many of which are a little anemic (www.oqo.com) for 
doing compiles on a daily basis. And generally want to move usage to a 
more production framework.

>>> On the other hand --replacepkgs or --oldpackage might work. 
>> This must require some yum plugin??? as --replacepkgs is not documented 
>> on my systems, nor does it work.
> These are rpm options, not yum options:
> 	rpm -Uvh --replacepkgs my-custom-thing-1.0-1.i386.rpm

oh. of course. So now I install the downloadonly yum plugin....

No get the developers to fix the source tree's spec file. The SIP 
Communicator team is doing their daily rpms with the patch number (or is 
it the date?) in the rpm name, so this gang can also 'do the right thing'.

Thanks all!

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