[CentOS] CentOS Bug Reporting Policy

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Mon Dec 15 00:58:22 UTC 2008

Hywel Richards wrote:
> Is there some policy as to what to do and where to report the bug?

report it on bugs.centos.org unless you have a RHEL subscription and are 
able to also reproduce the exact same issue under the exact same 
conditions, in which case you should report it at bugzilla.redhat.com

> It doesn't seem appropriate to report it to http://bugs.centos.org 
> because CentOS is kept in-sync with the upstream, so bugs will never get 
> fixed in CentOS, only in the upstream distribution.

Thats not really 100% black/white situation - if there is a major issue 
that has implications, and we are able to fix it locally we will always 
do that and users are quite welcome to jump over and move into the 
contributors side of things for such issues.

However, the reason I said you should really report issues at 
bugs.centos.org is that someone needs to first make sure it is indeed 
not an issue introduced by the CentOS process ( We had had a few of 
those as well ), and the issue needs to go upstream.

- KB

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