[CentOS] Firefox 3.0.4 and Adobe Flash (CentOS 5 (32bit))

Lanny Marcus lmmailinglists at gmail.com
Mon Dec 22 21:14:10 UTC 2008

On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 8:41 AM, Toby Bluhm <tkb at alltechmedusa.com> wrote:
>> We have four (4) Dell Dimension boxes and their support here is
>> *SUPER*, but they use proprietary cases, motherboards and power
>> supplies. Their quote of USD$237 for a new motherboard is probably not
>> something I am going to follow up on. The box is running most of the
>> time, which is puzzling, because it is an intermittent problem.
> Just a shot in the dark . . . look at the electrolytic can >caps on the
> mainboard. If any of them are "puffy" - the top is domed, >not flat -
> that could be your problem and an easy fix. I've run into >this issue on
> several different devices.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capacitor_plague
> http://badcaps.net

Toby: Interesting you should mention that and thank you for the URLs.
This morning, I made my expedition to the shopping center in North
Cali, where there are many tiny stores that sell computers and parts.
The one I settled on (After going into 8 or 10 stores I knew the 2nd
one was the best of them) has a man who fixes mainboards all day. If
he can fix the mainboard, the maximum charge is about USD$37. That's
USD$200 less than Dell Latin America quoted me for a new mainboard,
delivered to our house.... Also, he can check out the power supply for

Also got prices on a new tower, mainboard (for Socket 775), Celeron
CPU and RAM in the same place; along with the price for a new DVD
burner for my daughters box.

I plan to take my box there, on the 5th of January, to get him to look
at the mainboard and diagnose it. Thanks! Lanny

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