[CentOS] Firefox 3.0.4 and Adobe Flash (CentOS 5 (32bit))

Toby Bluhm tkb at alltechmedusa.com
Mon Dec 22 13:41:49 UTC 2008

Lanny Marcus wrote:
> We have four (4) Dell Dimension boxes and their support here is
> *SUPER*, but they use proprietary cases, motherboards and power
> supplies. Their quote of USD$237 for a new motherboard is probably not
> something I am going to follow up on. The box is running most of the
> time, which is puzzling, because it is an intermittent problem.

Just a shot in the dark . . . look at the electrolytic can caps on the 
mainboard. If any of them are "puffy" - the top is domed, not flat - 
that could be your problem and an easy fix. I've run into this issue on 
several different devices.



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