[CentOS] CentOS, PHP, Basic GIS

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Wed Dec 24 11:28:28 UTC 2008

Michael A. Peters wrote:

> I think I may have found what I need - I found some articles on parsing 
> e00 files into arrays that I can then use to draw them with gd. Now the 
> only issue is the e00 files I have have *too* much information - they 
> are statewide - so I need to figure out which datasets in the files are 
> the ones I want ,,,
> I may just write a shell script that parses the e00 file and turns the 
> data sets into php include files. There may be some scripts out there 
> that already do a similar thing I can steal, as e00 seems fairly common 
> and has been around awhile.

I think ogr2ogr does what I want - it looks like it has a driver for 
putting the contents of various formats into database (including MySQL 
which is already being used for the wildlife database) and then I can 
probably get the coordinates I need to draw the county border and 
lakes/rivers from there.


With respect to other GIS apps - after building Fedora 9 versions of 
qt3,qt4,sip,PyQT4 - and grass from a spec file (slightly modified) 
grabbed from a Fedora SVN server, I was able to get qgis to build from a 
slightly modified spec file that targets Fedora.

Haven't played with grass or qgis yet, though, but hopefully they aren't 
too hard to figure out and I can start learning more about GIS.

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