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Tony Placilla aplacil1 at jhuadig.admin.jhu.edu
Mon Dec 29 15:26:14 UTC 2008

>>> On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at  2:54 AM, in message
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> On Dec 29, 2008, at 7:09 AM, John R Pierce wrote:
>> Bill Campbell wrote:
>>> I would go with Opensolaris.
>> for a dedicated production storage server, I would go with Solaris 10.
>> unless there's some specific feature/capability you need thats only in
>> OpenSolaris.
> Totally agree. Solaris 10 is known for its stability. OpenSolaris  
> includes some advanced capabilities that will be included into Solaris  
> (especially on zfs and kernel side).
> Solaris : OpenSolaris = CentOS : Fedora
> (more or less...)
> d

I agree in general with most every opinion. Especially Davide's comment above. Very good analogy
Open Solaris may be your best choice.
I would suggest you do pay attention to Solaris itself. It's free (as in beer) from Sun & it works.

Here at the JHU libraries we manage about 1/2 PB of online data varying from images, audio, scanned documents, etc. in a ZFS instance on some massive storage. 
We evaluated all the iterations of ZFS on various OS's. ZFS/fuse was eliminated fairly quickly along with BSD.
For the critical stuff we use Solaris on Sun H/W. For general storage it's Solaris_x86 on generic x86 H/W.

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