[CentOS] Source for Kernel

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Mon Dec 29 20:35:35 UTC 2008

clemens at dwf.com wrote:
> OK, perhaps I wasnt clear in my previous posting.
> I am looking for either a SRPM for the CentOS 5.2 centos.plus kernel,
> or more likely, a diff from the kernel at kernel.org.
> I was pointed to the wiki, which MENTIONED a Source RPM, but didnt
> point to anywhere to find these for CentOS.  All Ive been able to
> find are ISO's .
> I really dont need a bunch of tools that will complicate the problem,
> a simple diff is what Im looking for,- its got to be out there somewhere.

note that CentOS kernel SRPMs are /not/ the full kernel source, rather, 
they are a bunch of patchfiles and scripts that build the kernel from 
standard sources a specific way..

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