[CentOS] equota reporting wrong blocks

Thu Feb 7 11:01:33 UTC 2008
ankush grover <ankushcentos at gmail.com>

Hi Friends,

I am running samba as domain member of AD 2k3 on Centos 4.4 . Quota of
2GB is set for each user but for one of the user quota or edquota is
showing wrong blocks even though disk space occupied by that user is

quota bhavesh.kumar
Disk quotas for user bhavesh.kumar (uid 11254):
     Filesystem  blocks   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit   grace
                2791832* 2000000 2000000            1595       0       0

# du -sh bhavesh.kumar
809M    bhavesh.kumar

dumpe2fs /dev/cciss/c0d0p3 |grep -i "block size"
dumpe2fs 1.35 (28-Feb-2004)
Block size:               4096

I tried quotaoff and quotaon on the /home partition and also mount
-all command to remount the partitions but still the problem is
persisting. Kindly suggest me how to get rid of this problem. Please
let me know if you need any further inputs.