[CentOS] Dump on remote filesystems?

Tue Jan 29 12:43:48 UTC 2008
Tom Brown <tom at ng23.net>

> I have a couple C5 systems I want to back up.  My plan is to, one way 
> or another, back them up to a C5 machine in my office.  I have samba 
> installed on the systems to back up, the machines are mounted on the 
> system in my office, and a tape library hanging of the system in my 
> office.
> I was hoping to perform a simple /sbin/dump of the remote systems.  I 
> put together a script for another successful backup I have going on a 
> system with local filesystems.  But for remote filesystems, I get 
> errors of File Cannot Be Accessed (//remote_system/subdir) which does 
> exist as an smb mounted filesystem.
> I'd use NFS, but I would like a bit more control and some level of 
> encryption for the user authentication and data being transferred.
> If a direct dump of remote smb filesystems isn't possible, I may opt 
> to have each system perform their own local dumps, then run a script 
> locally on the tape-connected machine to dump those local dumps, or 
> copy the dumps locally then dump them to tape.
> If nothing else works, I can always install Windows XP and use Windows 
> backup program, but I'd really like to try and get this going under 
> Linux before going that route.

use amanda, www.amanda.org

it rocks