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James B. Byrne byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca
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On: Tue, 1 Jul 2008 11:40:38 -0600, "drew einhorn"
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> There is a setroubleshoot package that runs under X, that really
> makes it a lot easier to troubleshoot selinux, but I really don't
> want to run X on all my vms.
> Does anyone here know of an equivalent that doesn't require X?

'sealert', the client portion of 'setroubleshoot', runs from the command
line as well as under 'x'.  Check the man page for sealert.

"sealert  may also be run in command line mode. The two most useful
command line options are -l to "lookup" an alert ID and -a to "analyze"  a
log  file.  When  setroubleshootd generates a new alert it assigns it a
local ID and writes this as a syslog message. The -l lookup option  may
then  be  used  to  retrieve  the  alert from the setroubleshootd alert
database and write it to stdout.  This  is  most  useful  when 
setroubleshootd  is  being  run  on a headless system without the GUI
desktop alert facility."


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