[CentOS] Re: Want to _prevent_ upgrade to centos 5.2

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Wed Jul 2 19:07:49 UTC 2008

Scott Silva wrote:

> I'm almost sure it was a logistics change and not policy. They probably hit
> a
> wall in backporting patches to 1.5 tree of Firefox. So if they had to jump,
> jump with both feet out!

Just a personal preference but I liked how Debian approached it myself -


(specifically the part about back porting the fixes to the included version
of Iceweasel rather than upgrading to a new major version)

It seems kind of scary that upstream would change major versions like
that in a point release. They certainly have more resources to be able
to back port stuff vs other distributions. Though I suppose since most of
their installations are on servers it may not be such a big deal. All
of my RHEL/CentOS systems are servers, none run any X11 apps, for that
I use Debian or Ubuntu(for newer hardware) typically. My company's
SSL VPN software for example doesn't work in Firefox 3. Though we are
running an old version of the VPN software, our last update attempt
resulted in the device losing it's configuration, haven't yet tried
again. I can imagine the headache that would ensue in such an environment
where things are controlled/tested, then a new major version gets
installed automatically..ouch. Fortunately it's not something I have
to deal with :)


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