[CentOS] Three Identical systems - short cut to setting up the drives?

Terry Polzin foxec208 at wowway.com
Fri Jul 4 03:27:50 UTC 2008

On Thursday July 3 2008, Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> I am building three identical systems.  Well they will have different
> host names, and with time the software setups will drift.  But at
> install time they are identical.
> Is there some way, (with dd I might guess) to do a hardare level copy?
> All three drives are Hitachi DK23DA-40F (40Gb).  Supposedly factory
> reconditioned (they are in sealed bags with a drive sticker stating:
> "Refurbished to Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Specifications").
> I would want to copy the paritition table and my 3 partitions (/boot,
> swap, LVM (/ and /home ext3 partitions in the LVM)) and all their contents.
> Thing is I only have one USB drive enclosure so I would be running from
> the drive I want to copy from.
> I would hope this is faster than 2 more installs.
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Kickstart the system 2 & 3 after the install on #1
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