[CentOS] Re: Message size rejected

Jacques B. jjrboucher at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 18:43:39 UTC 2008

> Have you considered a file transfer service such as yousendit.com?
> File size might still be an issue I guess as they limit it to 100 MB
> for their free account.  There's another thought.  Why not create
> yourself a gmail account or other such online account that is as
> forgiving as possible on file size and have her send it to that
> account.  Probably the easiest solution of all, "Honey, use this email
> address instead: xxxx".
> Jacques B.

Further to my last message, GigaSize.com allows up to 600 MB files on
the free account.  As for an alternate email address, Gmail imposes 20
MB, but LycosMail offers 3 gigs of storage, and unlimited attachment
size (of course you must not exceed your 3 gig total I would expect).
So create a lycos mail account and have her send it there.  Easy for
you, easy for her.

Jacques B.

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