[CentOS] Latest samaba updates

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When I let yum install the latest samba updates, it ate my smb users file
and smb.conf.  Once I restored those, it gave me several selinux avc
denials, one of which I can't clear up.  See
http://bugs.centos.org/view.php?id=2965 for details.

Anyone else having problems like this?

Did it give you a rpm.new.smb.config file on update of Samba? Users file
also? I would first check my Selinux file Permissions for Samba. Then file
permissions on the shared directories and also make sure that they are
replicating on the file in the directory.

My idea would be disable SE Linux then make sure all you permissions are
correct for the shares, then enable selinux. From you bug report it looks
like permision problems. Also you have new selinux options in your smb.conf
file, so check them out also.

Good Luck,

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