[CentOS] command line configuration of DSL access

nate centos at linuxpowered.net
Fri Jul 11 14:27:01 UTC 2008

Gergely Buday wrote:
> Hi there,
> how can I configure a DSL access using the command line? The Red Hat
> Certified Engineer Linux Study Guide does not describe this and I
> could not find any description on the internet.

For my DSL it's pretty simple:

ifconfig eth0 netmask
route add default gw

And off I go ..(until I reboot so I put the network config in the
right location)

My DSL modem is in bridged mode and I have direct IP access. I don't
think it gets any easier. It's like having a direct ethernet drop.
And I have 4 static IPs to play with.


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