[CentOS] command line configuration of DSL access

Alex White ethericalzen at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 15:42:35 UTC 2008

Gergely Buday wrote:
> Michel van Deventer wrote:
>>> how can I configure a DSL access using the command line? The Red Hat
>>> Certified Engineer Linux Study Guide does not describe this and I
>>> could not find any description on the internet.
>> Maybe you can provide us with some more information, as like which
>> provider are you using in which country, what kind of hardware are you
>> using to connect to DSL (router/pci card?), which version of CentOS are
>> you using and maybe other info that might be of use ?
> The case is that I used the GUI for my fedora box and now would like
> to set the same to my centos server that would be the firewall. I use
> eth0 to connect to my service provider's network. When I set up on
> fedora I choose DSL and gave login name and password and worked out of
> the box. I use CentOs 5.1 on my server.
> I would like to use an editor better than the GUI to configure this.
> My provider is Digi Tv in Hungary.
> I wonder why do you need all this, isn't there a good description of
> the config scripts somewhere?
> - Gergely

We need all of that because how you set up your dsl depends upon how 
your provider provides you with access. pppoe or pppoa etc. etc.

At any rate, as mentioned by others you can use adsl-setup to configure 
your connection, or if you want to edit some text files manually you can 
have a peek in /etc/ppp/

The files of particular interest would be, pap-secrets, chap-secrets, 
and pppoe-server-options.

You may want to man adsl-setup and make note of the various references 
it makes.


Alex White

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