[CentOS] Re: OT: anything in CentOS 5.2 that uses opendns.com when browsing web?

Ian Blackwell ian at ikel.id.au
Fri Jul 11 23:35:02 UTC 2008

Scott Silva wrote:
>>> You would set the primary dns to and if you want set the 
>>> secondary
>>> dns to what your primary dns was set at. You might have to play with 
>>> the
>>> options to have dhcp assigned red and still be able to set your 
>>> nameserver
>>> settings.
>>> The ipcop boxes I have are all on static ip's, on either T1's or 
>>> business
>>> class DSL, so the settings are a little different.
For what it is worth, my IPCop box has the DNS values supplied by my ISP 
entered here instead of  My dig +trace tests are all running 
>> Scott: Thank you, for the above explanation!   I was able to SSH into
>> the IPCop box on Port 222, very early this morning (with the syntax
>> correct, that was easy) and I saw the Setup menu.
>>> Whatever you do, write down the original settings of anything you 
>>> change so
>>> you can restore it if it horribly breaks.   
You can also create a backup using the web-interface.  The backup will 
be saved on your local machine and you can restore it from there if needed.

>> Amen. I will write down the original settings, before I change them.
>> In a tiny way, the IPCop box is a "Production" Server in our house. I
>> have two (2) very demanding users: a wife and a 7 year old daughter
>> and I don't want them mad.... :-) Something like not wanting your boss
>> at work mad at  you....
>> I am going to be working on this, when they are not using their
>> Desktop boxes and I am going to do this on our Backup IPCop box, which
>> actually has much better HW than the one we normally use for IPCop. If
>> I can't get this to work on IPCop, that is the one I will install SME
>> Server or the CentOS 4.4 Server CD on. It sounds like this is going to
>> work on IPCop, which will be much easier and much faster  for me to
>> get up and running properly.
>> Question: Awhile ago, I got into the configuration settings for our
>> ZTE ADSL Modem.
>> For the change to me having my own Caching DNS Server, in the settings
>> for the ADSL modem at this time, using the DNS servers at our ISP:
>> Primary DNS Server
>> Secondary DNS Server
These are the number I would enter into the IPCop setup screen for DNS 
and Gateway.  My gateway value is the IP address of my ADSL modem.


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