[CentOS] Re: OT: anything in CentOS 5.2 that uses opendns.com when browsing web?

Ralph Angenendt ra+centos at br-online.de
Sun Jul 13 19:41:56 UTC 2008

William L. Maltby wrote:
> It wasn't a bad thing to do. IMO the bad thing to do was for someone to
> "rebuke" you in such a "short" manner when you had made the list aware
> of your "noobiness". 

Had I seen your attachement first (which somehow got around me), you
would have gotten "the notice". That has nothing to do with "noobiness"
or not, just with common sense: One does not send large mails/files to
thousands of users. At least not via public mailing lists.

And yes, I was astonished that the list even allowed mails that large.

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