[CentOS] so many problem CENTOS 5.2 with DELL servers????

Bobby bobby at d4business.com
Mon Jul 14 20:37:45 UTC 2008

On Monday 14 July 2008 15:24:55 mcclnx mcc wrote:
>  I have been installed CENTOS 5.2 on several DELL servers and have
> following problems (even latest patches apply): 
> 1. DELL 2650 can NOT boot under CENTOS 5.2 PAE mode
> 2. DELL R900 can NOT boot under CENTOS 5.2 PAE mode (inifinite boot loop)
> 3. DELL R900 with 128 GB RAM can only see 15 GB RAM under CENTOS 5.2 Xen
> mode 
> Anyone know why?  IS CENTOS 5.2 certify with DELL server?
> Does CENTOS 5.1 have similiar problem or NOT?
> Thanks. 

Not really a Linux problem but Dell h/w. They constantly change specs and seem 
to not have the quality under heavy load. Dell is built on just enough.

We have smoked three of their top of the line servers with actual smoke coming 
out of them. 

For years now we simply do not support Dell h/w in a server environment. Not 
to say they are all bad, but too many issues which are not there with for 
example Supermicro.

So in the long run we've not found it viable to support them at all.



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