[CentOS] Re: pear

David Hrbáč hrbac.conf at seznam.cz
Wed Jul 16 18:34:26 UTC 2008

Johnny Hughes napsal(a):
> The point is that it's required for some dependency in that repo, and 
> the other thing you asked about was not required.
> We are not trying to replace DAG or EPEL in centosplus or centos-extras 
> ... so the only things that are in there are things that are absolutely 
> required for repo closure if the repo itself.
> In this particular case:
> [root at builder4 ~]# repoquery --repoid=centosplus --repoid=extras 
> --repoid=base --repoid=updates --whatrequires  "php-pear(MDB2)"
> php-pear-Log-0:1.9.9-1.el4.centos.noarch
> =================
> So, we needed php-pear-MDB2 to be able to use php-pear-Log ... and that 
> is required by 2 other packages in the Plus repo, so that is why its there.

MDB2 is optional dependency for Log and it comes with dependency for DB 
driver. MDB2 id database abstraction layer, without drivers it does 
nothing and Log is not able to log to database via MDB2. So, there's 
really no point of providing only MDB2 package.

[root at svestka ~]# pear  install Log
WARNING: "pear/DB" is deprecated in favor of "pear/MDB2"
Did not download optional dependencies: pear/DB, pear/MDB2, pear/Mail, 
use --alldeps to download automatically
pear/Log can optionally use package "pear/DB" (version >= 1.3)
pear/Log can optionally use package "pear/MDB2" (version >= 2.0.0RC1)
pear/Log can optionally use package "pear/Mail"
pear/Log can optionally use PHP extension "sqlite"
downloading Log-1.11.0.tgz ...
Starting to download Log-1.11.0.tgz (41,538 bytes)
............done: 41,538 bytes
install ok: channel://pear.php.net/Log-1.11.0

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