[CentOS] Re: pear

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Wed Jul 16 20:27:02 UTC 2008

David Hrbáč wrote:
> Johnny Hughes napsal(a):
>> The point is that it's required for some dependency in that repo, and 
>> the other thing you asked about was not required.
>> We are not trying to replace DAG or EPEL in centosplus or 
>> centos-extras ... so the only things that are in there are things that 
>> are absolutely required for repo closure if the repo itself.
>> In this particular case:
>> [root at builder4 ~]# repoquery --repoid=centosplus --repoid=extras 
>> --repoid=base --repoid=updates --whatrequires  "php-pear(MDB2)"
>> php-pear-Log-0:1.9.9-1.el4.centos.noarch
>> =================
>> So, we needed php-pear-MDB2 to be able to use php-pear-Log ... and 
>> that is required by 2 other packages in the Plus repo, so that is why 
>> its there.
> Johnny,
> MDB2 is optional dependency for Log and it comes with dependency for DB 
> driver. MDB2 id database abstraction layer, without drivers it does 
> nothing and Log is not able to log to database via MDB2. So, there's 
> really no point of providing only MDB2 package.

That may be true, however, the way the RPMS are set up, it is showing up 
as a require to install the Log rpm to have php-pear-MDB2 installed ... 
I did not write the spec file, I just built it.

So, it is there because if I do a repo closure, it has to be there.

If you can't find the other RPMS in other places I can add them ... but 
I have to have repoclosure.

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