[CentOS] gecko-libs dependency resurfaces

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Thu Jul 17 16:13:57 UTC 2008

Ben Mohilef wrote:
> In doing an update of centos 5.2 this morning, I observed that the old 
> gecko-libs dependency issue caused yum update to fail because it was  
> required by  nspluginwrapper (x64_86), devhelp, yelm and firefox. Also, a 
> firefox (x64_86) showed the red hat splash screen rather than centos.
> Manual installation of affected rpms using --nodeps (I don't advise this)  did 
> not apear to impair the performance of any of the affected packages.  
> Is everyone seeing this or do we have something missing in our 
> installations?

UMM ... this was reported a couple hours ago on this list already ....

this is an upsteam issue and has been corrected, should be fixed in a 
few hours on the mirrors, see this for info:


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