[CentOS] Custom CentOS iso's

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Thu Jul 17 21:04:03 UTC 2008

Tracy R Reed wrote:
> Johnny Hughes wrote:
>> We install the SRPMS and move all the tar files out of SVN and into a 
>> directory, keeping all the patches and text files in SVN.  We put the 
>> tarballs in a webdav directory (in a subdirectory under SRPM name)
> How do you know which tarballs go with which SRPMS and then how do you 
> put them back into place so you can build the RPM?

First, the reason we take them out ... svn does not do well with big 
files like tarballs in it's file system.

The spec file calls out all the sources ... so you can look for them 
first in SVN (or CVS, Hg, etc.), then use something like wget to look 
for them.

first export the files in the sources directory from SVN ...

we use a package called rpmdevtools from fedora that has a script called 
spectool which can be called like this:

for f in `spectool -n -S -P *.spec | awk '{FS=" ";print $2}' \
  | sed -e "s/.*\///g"`

   # some source files are already here, so only download missing
   # (compressed) ones.
   if [ ! -e $rpmroot/SOURCES/$f ]; then

    wget --http-user=$wget_user --http-password=$wget_passwd \
    -P ../SOURCES http://$SERVER_NAME/sources/$f



>> For CentOS-5, building an ISO uses the anaconda runtime and the 
>> buildinstall command.  Here is documentation on the buildinstall command:
> Thanks!

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