[CentOS] Custom CentOS iso's

Tracy R Reed treed at ultraviolet.org
Thu Jul 17 23:05:13 UTC 2008

Johnny Hughes wrote:
> First, the reason we take them out ... svn does not do well with big 
> files like tarballs in it's file system.

That makes sense.

> The spec file calls out all the sources ... so you can look for them 
> first in SVN (or CVS, Hg, etc.), then use something like wget to look 
> for them.
> first export the files in the sources directory from SVN ...

But since you keep the tarballs outside of the svn on a webserver 
somewhere you wouldn't normally expect the script to find the tarball, 
right? Unless you had already run this build once and downloaded it perhaps.

And when you are done you check in any of changes then delete the 
working directory where you had the sources checked out and tarball 
downloaded into? Or do you just leave it all alone? I guess anyone 
working on it would know not to check in the tarball.

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