[CentOS] Re: configuration request

Sam Drinkard sam at wa4phy.net
Mon Jul 21 12:45:49 UTC 2008

Unfortunately, the ISP is sort of an independent outfit, and while they 
are not small in any sense of the word, their equipment room is stacked 
full of servers from floor to ceiling.  I'm not aware of any power 
related switches where one could ssh into a "box" and cycle the power 
for one server.  I know I really should take this dual Xeon server here 
in my cave and move it downtown, but I miss having the horsepower when I 
need it, as I still dabble with numerical weather models, and it takes a 
lot of number crunching cpu cycles to accomplish that task.  It's also 
possible that the ACPI of the bios is partly to blame, but when I put 
the machine down there, I actually had maybe 2 hours, or the time it 
took to install CentOS on the drive and get the FS set up for the task.  
Only later did I learn there was a problem remote rebooting. 

I appreciate everyone's responses, and I suppose I'll just have to deal 
with the problems as they occur.  I've switched back to digest mode, as 
of this morning, so if you don't get any response from me till the day 
after, that is the reason.

Many thanks


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