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dnk d.k.emaillists at gmail.com
Mon Jul 21 16:41:13 UTC 2008

On 21-Jul-08, at 9:35 AM, Craig White wrote:

> I need a way to convert files that I save with Firefox as a 'print to
> file' to 'pdf'
> I tried 'convert' but that rendered the text as graphics which grew  
> the
> file and wasn't what I wanted.
> How would someone accomplish this - or can I just print to a PDF?
> Craig

I have never used, but some i found quickly are:

CUPS-PDF is a PDF writer backend for CUPS. It is designed to produce  
PDF files in a heterogeneous network by providing a PDF printer on the  
central fileserver. It will convert files printed to its queue in CUPS  
to PDF and put them in a per-user-based directory structure. It can  
execute post-processing scripts, e.g. to allow mailing the results to  
the user.

Linux / Unix Command: ps2pdf
ps2pdf - Convert PostScript to PDF using ghostscript
ps2pdf12 - Convert PostScript to PDF 1.2 (Acrobat 3-and-later  
compatible) using ghostscript
ps2pdf13 - Convert PostScript to PDF 1.3 (Acrobat 4-and-later  
compatible) using ghostscript  SYNOPSISps2pdf [options...] (input. 
[e]ps|-) [output.pdf|-]
ps2pdf12 [options...] (input.[e]ps|-) [output.pdf|-]
ps2pdf13 [options...] (input.[e]ps|-) [output.pdf|-]  DESCRIPTIONThe  
ps2pdf scripts are work-alikes for nearly all the functionality (but  
not the user interface) of Adobe's Acrobat(TM) Distiller(TM) product:  
they convert PostScript files to Portable Document Format (PDF) files.
The three scripts differ as follows:

-ps2pdf12 will always produce PDF 1.2 output (Acrobat 3-and-later  
compatible).-ps2pdf13 will always produce PDF 1.3 output (Acrobat 4- 
and-later compatible).-ps2pdf per se currently produces PDF 1.2 output  
(Acrobat 3-and-later compatible). However, this may change in the  
future. If you care about the compatibility level of the output, use  
ps2pdf12 or ps2pdf13, or use the -dCompatibility=1.x switch in the  
command line.

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