[CentOS] Re: configuration request

Lanny Marcus lmmailinglists at gmail.com
Mon Jul 21 17:59:45 UTC 2008

On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 7:45 AM, Sam Drinkard <sam at wa4phy.net> wrote:
> Unfortunately, the ISP is sort of an independent outfit, and while they are
> not small in any sense of the word, their equipment room is stacked full of
> servers from floor to ceiling.  I'm not aware of any power related switches
> where one could ssh into a "box" and cycle the power for one server.

Can you ssh into your server and give it a reboot or shutdown -r
command? If you can do
that, you will not have such a problem with the Remote Reboot switch
frequently not
doing the job you need it to do for you. However, I think the Remote
Reboot is something
*very* nice to have, if you and your ISP can get it to work properly,
because you and your server are not in the same place. You should not
need to cycle
power to reboot the box and you said something about them unplugging your box
and then plugging it back in, which seems drastic. From that, I assume
it does not have a reset swtich
(our newer desktops lack that very nice feature) or even a Power Switch.

>It's also possible that the ACPI of the
> bios is partly to blame, but when I put the machine down there, I actually
> had maybe 2 hours, or the time it took to install CentOS on the drive and
> get the FS set up for the task.  Only later did I learn there was a problem
> remote rebooting.

After the update to CentOS 5.2 I had a very minor issue, where that
kernel wouldn't
boot, after shutting my desktop down and then powering it up. I added acpi=off
to the line for that kernel and the problem disappeared.

> I appreciate everyone's responses, and I suppose I'll just have to deal with
> the problems as they occur.  I've switched back to digest mode, as of this
> morning, so if you don't get any response from me till the day after, that
> is the reason.

I used to get the Digest mode, but then I was advised I was breaking
the threading
(probably if one has their MUA configured correctly that won't
happen), so now I get the
individual messages and I read them online.

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