[CentOS] Printer recommendations

Robert kerplop at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jul 22 15:42:18 UTC 2008

Ron Loftin wrote:
> Since my old Epson C86 has finally managed to clog up the print heads,
> I'm in the market for a replacement.  I'd like to know what the people
> on this list are using for printers that are currently available, since
> we are using versions of CUPS and foomatic that are frozen, and any
> other issues or "gotchas" that you are aware of.
> For the replacement printer, I'm considering a color laser printer
> instead of the inkjets that I've been using, and I'm dithering back and
> forth over the question of direct-connect or networked printer.
> Suggestions, warnings, and horror stories are welcome.
> Thanks in advance.
I tossed my C86 a couple years ago in favor of an HP 6122 based on the 
recommendation at linuxprinting.org (moved to 
http://www.linuxfoundation.org/en/OpenPrinting) and have not been 
disappointed.  I consulted the same source when I bought a B&W laser and 
suggest that site to anyone with printer questions.

As far as direct-connect or networked, networked is great for me.  
Duplexing is also a great feature if you plant to print multipage docs. 
(The BASH manual and release notes for CentOS come to mind.)  Keep in 
mind that you can pick up a print server at your favorite computer 
outlet but a hardware duplexer is another matter.
I just now looked and my laser printer has printed 3402 pages, had 14 
jams and 1 toner cart after the original. 78% of drum life is 
remaining.  The toner cart costs about 1-1/2 times as a set of ink carts 
for your C86 and lasts much, much longer.

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