[CentOS] screen detatch

David Mackintosh David.Mackintosh at xdroop.com
Tue Jul 22 18:07:16 UTC 2008

On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 06:07:44PM +0100, Luciano Rocha wrote:
> > The man page for screen says that I can create a detatched screen 
> > running with a set command in it by doing this:
> > 
> > $ screen -dm $command
> screen -dm isn't the same as screen -d -m. Try the latter.

Figured it out.

While the first line of my shell script is


...I am in fact a bash user.  One of the things my script is
ultimately trying to do is to start multiple things from within
the screen session by use of teh screen command itself; because
of the shell swap, $STY doesn't seem to be getting set.  If I
change the first line of my script to be #!/bin/bash, it works
as expected.

Thanks for looking.

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