[CentOS] Now you did it Olly

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Mon Jul 28 08:54:37 UTC 2008

D Steward wrote:
>> Well I missed something and I overwrote the encrypted bootloader on the 
>> hard drive.
> If the purpose of the encrypted bootloader was to load an encrypted
> filesystem/s, then there must be a spare MBR on your drive somewhere.
> Its not standard to have more than one MBR, but my spidey sense is
> tingling and telling me any half-decent software encryption software
> wouldnt rely on a single fragile point of failure such as an mbr which
> is easily overwritten by viruses and installations.
> Providing you are still on the net, send an email to one of your tech
> guys asking for either the location of the spare MBR, or if there isnt
> one, a new MBR to replace yours - they should have a copy of your
> original.
Fortunately that system is for my corporate email and corporate web 
sites and not my 'real' work.  And the local tech guy knows this and my 
'other' (read non-corp) email address.  I have messaged him, of course 
it will be a few hours before he is in the office.

I just missed reading the screen on the boot loader install to get it 
installed on the USB drive, not the hard drive.

Speaking of that, is there some way to move the grub bootloader to that 
USB drive so at least I don't have to rebuild that drive too? 
> Alternatively, if you know the name of the software package doing all
> this, you may be able to find (if you have a spare MBR) out on the net.
> FWIW, I wouldnt bother any PHB's with this - they will definitely not be
> amused.
Nor will my boss be amused.

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