[CentOS] rebuilding firefox- from fc8

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Tue Jul 29 11:32:47 UTC 2008

Mark Pryor wrote:
> hello,
> I started with
> ftp://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/updates/8/SRPMS/firefox-
> with the hope of rebuilding it for el5/centos.
> All of the dependencies were available (mostly from rpmforge) except one: something called system-bookmarks. I elected to comment out this from the spec, firefox.spec
> I did the extracts with CPIO
> rpm2cpio firefox-xxx.src.rpm | cpio -i firefox.spec
> then i extracted everything else and copied it to my buildroot
> ~/redhat/SOURCES
> then the moment of truth. I didn't see another way except to rebuild all so I did
>> rpmbuild -ba --sign ~/SPECS/firefox.spec
> while the above worked, it took long enough that I was able to go to dinner and have a beer before it finished. On top of that, thermal alarms went off as the CPU/PWM reached 57C/67C.
> a new RPM, and src.RPM were written to the BR and the RPM (i386) works fine.
> Was it necessary to do the complete build (-ba) since I only eliminated a single build-requires value?

-ba builds both the binary RPMs and the SRPM ...
-bb builds only the binary RPMs and does not build the SRPM.

that is the only difference.

The time required to build the SRPM is very minimal compared to the 
binary RPMs, so there is effectively no difference except for a new SRPM.

Firefox takes a while time to build on a dual processor (with quad core 
xeon processors, so 8 cores) and 15K SAS drives (20 minutes) ... it will 
certainly take longer on a normal workstation.

The real question is why are you building FF2 for CentOS now that it 
contains FF3 (3.0.1 currently) by default.

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