[CentOS] xfs on 5.2 (live cd + dvd)

Bill Campbell centos at celestial.com
Tue Jul 29 20:51:17 UTC 2008

On Tue, Jul 29, 2008, Florin Andrei wrote:
> Michael Kress wrote:
>> I'm planning a server migration and being able to mount xfs file 
>> systems with the live cd would be a cruical feature.
>> So before I download and try ... can anyone tell me whether the xfs is  
>> included in the 5.2 live cd?
> Well, try "yum install" with the "xfs" string and various wildcards and  
> you'll figure it out quickly.
>> Under centos-4.5 I chose xfs for performance reasons. With 5.2, is it  
>> still the fs of choice when it comes to performance or do you have  
>> better recommendations? (It will be a combined web and mail server with 
>> moderate traffic, i.e. not toooo much but not tooo little).
> Performance is not "one", it's "many". There are so many different  
> scenarios and in most cases it's impossible to tell whether any given FS  
> will perform better than another.
> XFS will likely perform better than other FS when you're dealing with  
> large files, such as HD authoring and stuff like that. Even then, if you  
> want to be sure, it's probably best to do some benchmarks.

While I have used xfs for years on SuSE systems, and have it on
several CentOS 5.1 systems, I will probably not use it on new
installations as ``yum update'' on the CentOS 5.1 systems now
fails saying it cannot update kmod-xfs.

I prefer to keep things close to the LCD to avoid issues with
extensions that may not be updated in a timely manner.

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