[CentOS] Migrating RHEL 3 to Centos 5.2 - has Adaptec 2400a RAID

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Tue Jul 29 21:23:37 UTC 2008

Ed Westphal wrote:
>    Greetings all. I'm new to the mailing list. Hope to get to know 
> many of you. I'll jump right in with a recent project. I have a 
> machine with RHEL WS 3 - Taroon; plus dual boot to Win 2000 Pro. The 
> RAID card is Adaptec's 2400A w/128 megs cache, running RAID 10 on 4 
> WD's. I want to migrate to 5.2 Centos and wipe the NTFS partition. I 
> have the 5.2 Centos DVD. Anyone see any problems, special preparation 
> needed, whatever, to accomplish the migration? The RAID uses dpt_i2o 
> drivers. The NVidia card can get drivers from their website, if need 
> be to support full functionality. Please advise with any cautions, 
> considerations, you may care to give. Thanks in advance.

that card wasn't actually an Adaptec product, it was from DPT, a company 
Adaptec bought, then later sank/discarded, so its questionable if theres 
much support for it anymore...    Its a shame, back in the day, DPT were 
much better RAID cards than anything Adaptec themselves had made.

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