[CentOS] enterprise backup solution (probably amanda?)

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Wed Jul 30 21:29:36 UTC 2008

Sean Carolan wrote:
>> If a disk based archive will work, backuppc (
>> http://backuppc.sourceforge.net/) is fairly painless and it's scheme of
>> compression and hardlinking duplicates lets you keep about 10x the history
>> you'd expect.  If you need offsite copies you'll have to run an independent
>> instance elsewhere or come up with a clever scheme to copy the disk though.
>>  The massive number of hardlinks it creates makes it difficult to use normal
>> methods to copy the archive partition.
> We use backuppc in production.  It has awesome compression, and a great web
> gui that you can use to restore individual files or file trees.  I have even
> used it on occasion to rebuild an entire Linux server from bare metal (I had
> to install the base OS first, but it worked!)
> As Les mentioned, due to the huge number of files and hard links you will
> run into problems copying the backuppc files off to tape or external USB
> drive if you try to use rsync or cp for this.  Depending on the amount of
> data you are working with, you might whip up a script that unmounts your
> backuppc storage partition, and images the entire thing to an external media
> with dd_rescue.

I also use backuppc ... you can even let users login and have access 
only to their machine to recover their own files.

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