[CentOS] tzdata, Greenwich zone: URGENT!

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 4 09:43:46 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 03 June 2008 17:06:09 Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
> > Where/how is the system clock set?  My server appears to have the system
> > clock on GMT/UTC and KDE on British Time.
> you can use the 'hwclock' command to set / reset / retrieve the physical
> hardware clock timestamp. And you can use what Marcelo already pointed
> out to set a timezone if you like ( cp or ln -s a physical zone file
> from /usr/share/zoneinfo/ to /etc/localtime on the machine ).
> Also, sanity check /etc/sysconfig/clock
Yes that did show up a difference, so I copied the GB file to localtime, 
rebooted to make absolutely sure that it wasn't working on the old setting, 
and hoped that the situation was cured.  Unfortunately it isn't.

This is driving me crazy.  Now I can make an appointment for 10a.m., and 
depending on which computer I use to read the korganizer file it may show up 
as 10a.m. or 11a.m., and there's no indication, of course, which computer 
originated the entry, so I can't tell which is the correct version.

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