[CentOS] tzdata, Greenwich zone: URGENT!

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Thu Jun 5 10:14:16 UTC 2008

Anne Wilson wrote:
> This is driving me crazy.  Now I can make an appointment for 10a.m., and 
> depending on which computer I use to read the korganizer file it may show up 
> as 10a.m. or 11a.m., and there's no indication, of course, which computer 
> originated the entry, so I can't tell which is the correct version.

make sure the Hardware clock on all the machine is correct ( or setup 
and run ntpd ) and make sure that they are all on a valid timezone ( 
just typing 'date' on the command line should tell you ). If that still 
does not resolve the issue I'd guess your next action would be to post 
on the kde lists about this issue. Perhaps you have different versions 
of the same s/w on different machines - and they handle timezone 
adjustments differently ( as in, one version does, and another does not )

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