[CentOS] new install of 5.1 with KVM-over-IP - can't installwith GUI - need assistance

Alon js at wsco.com
Sun Jun 8 21:50:44 UTC 2008

Hi Fabian,

I can't use kickstart as I have diff configs for each server.
The servers are rented out to my clients as dedicated servers.
Each client has his own needs, so not much that I can do about this.
Also, different servers with different hardware (diff size HDs), so just the partitioning by itself must be done manually.

"why not just launch the install with vnc and take the gui remotely ?"

I'm confused about the vnc portion.
How do I get to the vnc part if the server is not installed yet?
Furthermore, wouldn't this result in the same issue?
Wouldn't  anaconda still ask me for a monitor to be recognized?


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  Alon wrote:
  > Hi All,
  > I have several dozens of CentOS and WhiteBox servers.
  > Most of them are CentOS 4.6.
  > Our installation service is done in the datacenter where the servers 
  > are located.
  > When we install a fresh clean install, we use the GUI menus, while 
  > using the KVMoverIP.
  > That was working great with CentOS 4.x
  > In CentOS 5.x, the installation process 'annonces" that "Hey,. I know 
  > you are using a KVM and don't have a monitor attached"   (who cares??).
  > But, "since  you are using a KVM and no monitor is attached,. you 
  > CANNOT use the GUI installation".
  > Why???
  > 4.x didn't care for this.
  > Why make my life difficult?
  > I have to 'cheat' by calling the datacenter to plug a monitor for the 
  > first minute of the install and then plug back the KVM cable.
  > Isn't this stupid? of course it is!
  > I am looking for a solution such as a parameter that I can pass to the 
  > boot sequence (vga=nommconf or something like that) so that it won't 
  > do the probing for the VGA and just let me go about my business.
  > Mind you that this is a problem both with DELL PowerEdge 1950iii with 
  > DRAC5 remote consule as well as with just plain PCs that use ATEN KVM 
  > 9116.
  > Once the probe understand that we don't use a monitor it prompts the 
  > 'can't use the GUI'.
  > Any pointers about this?
  No really pointers to give you, but with so much machines to install/manage, why not using kickstart for your installations ? Faster than manual installations ... (for virtual or real nodes)
  And if you really want to use anaconda in gui mode, why not just launch the install with vnc and take the gui remotely ? 
  On the other hand, i know that anaconda gui in 5.X is working ok with remote kvm (i've tested on IBM RSA2 and IBM BladeCenter MM and Advanced MM)

  Fabian Arrotin <fabian.arrotin at arrfab.net>
  "Internet network currently down, TCP/IP packets delivered now by UPS/Fedex ..."

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