[CentOS] new install of 5.1 with KVM-over-IP - can't installwith GUI - need assistance

William L. Maltby CentOS4Bill at triad.rr.com
Mon Jun 9 02:33:22 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-06-09 at 00:50 +0300, Alon wrote:
> Hi Fabian,
> I can't use kickstart as I have diff configs for each server.
> The servers are rented out to my clients as dedicated servers.
> Each client has his own needs, so not much that I can do about this.
> Also, different servers with different hardware (diff size HDs), so
> just the partitioning by itself must be done manually.

Maybe this one task can be automated. When I was working on RAS for a
NAS, we had to be able to handle different HD configurations and sizes.
In the install/recovery image I generated on CD (this was several years
past), we used sfdisk to automatically partition the HDs. Using a fixed
"root" partition size, we calculated the rest of the disk as a % of
available for each desired partition. Worked great.

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