[CentOS] Hardware Specs

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Tue Jun 10 13:23:45 UTC 2008

Victor Padro wrote:
> Hello all!
> I was wondering if you can help me a little bit...
> My boss wants me to do some research in finding which hardware is most used
> under Linux(ex. Dell servers, Barebones Kits, HP & Compaq servers, etc.)
> This is just for budgeting issues...he wants to get rid of some old and
> obsolete hardware we run and wants to know which hardware could be easy to
> deploy on the server side and workstations side(common user boxes will be
> decided for HP or Dell leasing quotes - Obviously M$ Windows Vista).


If you want to be sure, use this list:


That will tell you things that are certified for RHEL.

Should have no problems with anything on there.

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