[CentOS] Pulling Hair Out - TWiki 4.2 on CentOS 5

Les Mikesell lesmikesell at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 21:00:47 UTC 2008

Chuck wrote:
> I thought I would turn here before giving up. I am trying to install 
> Twiki 4.2 on CentOS 5 with all updates. (I also tried Twiki 4.1.2 as well)
> I am running a custom rolled Apache 2.2.8 server and custom rolled PHP 
> 5.2.6 (built with oracle support). These work and are rock solid. I've 
> been using the same config with very heavy duty scripts and php 
> applications with no issues.
> When trying to run /twiki/bin/configure I get the following error when 
> clicking "Next":
>   Software error:
> Use of uninitialized value in substitution (s///) at (eval 25) line 23.
> The Apache error log says pretty much the same thing. (like 23 by the 
> way points to a commented line; the first 100 or so lines in this script 
> are comments.. If I don't count the commented lines there is no search 
> regexp anywhere near line 23)
> I then tried version 4.1.2 and the same thing.
> I googled and found numerous other people having this problem. I have 
> found no responses or solutions. The twiki support site has yielded 
> nothing as well.
> Just hoping someone here might have sorted this out.. I have set up 
> dozens of twiki sites but haven't played with it in a 2 years or so and 
> wondering... It was never this difficult before.. Three of us have now 
> triple checked every file permissions, installation step, system 
> pre-requisite, etc...

I have a 4.1.2 version running under Centos 5 without problems but had 
some similar issues trying to upgrade to 4.2, mostly in the configure 
and module installer routines, not normal operation.  I think they have 
to do with mixing CPAN and RPMforge perl modules but I haven't 
completely pinned it down.  Starting fresh, I'd try all EPEL modules for 
the perl bits missing in the stock repo.  I think that will get you to a 
point where the only software error is a 'subroutine install redefined 
...' when using the configure part to add plugins.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell at gmail.com

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