[CentOS] Trouble brewing in dmesg... any ideas?

Tim Nelson tnelson at rockbochs.com
Wed Jun 18 23:38:31 UTC 2008

Unfortunately I can't see the top of the errors as there are too many... :-( I'll throw a console on it and start logging. Is anyone else seeing this sort of activity? I'm running the latest stock kernel available using yum from the repos. I'm not using any additional repos(rpmforge, epel, etc...) and I don't have any custom compiled modules. This box is a fresh installation running bind, apache, and mysqld. 

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Tim Nelson wrote:

> There are others with various app names besides vi including httpd, named,
> sftp-server, etc..  Is this an imminent hardware failure? Do I have kernel
> issues? I've checked the system with lm_sensors and temps are perfectly
> normal. Also, performance and operation seems to be fine. Even with these
> errors, my services are running without any hiccups. HELP! :-)

Would need to see the full error but it sounds like a kernel oops. For
me at least the useful info would be at the top of the error which wasn't
included in your email.

Worst case, configure your system with a serial console and capture the
error using a terminal emulator on another machine plugged into your
serial console.


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