[CentOS] Trouble brewing in dmesg... any ideas?

Rob Townley rob.townley at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 23:59:06 UTC 2008

dmesg > dmesg.log


cd /var/log/
ls -lat | more

i liked the old days when dmesg, /var/log/messages and other syslog stuff
was displayed automatically on a tty console.  I tried a softlink from
/var/log/messages to tty9, but didn't have any luck.  Would it require a tee
or a mod to dmesg?

On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 6:38 PM, Tim Nelson <tnelson at rockbochs.com> wrote:

> Unfortunately I can't see the top of the errors as there are too many...
> :-( I'll throw a console on it and start logging. Is anyone else seeing this
> sort of activity? I'm running the latest stock kernel available using yum
> from the repos. I'm not using any additional repos(rpmforge, epel, etc...)
> and I don't have any custom compiled modules. This box is a fresh
> installation running bind, apache, and mysqld.
> Tim Nelson
> Systems/Network Support
> Rockbochs Inc.
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> Subject: Re: [CentOS] Trouble brewing in dmesg... any ideas?
> Tim Nelson wrote:
> > There are others with various app names besides vi including httpd,
> named,
> > sftp-server, etc..  Is this an imminent hardware failure? Do I have
> kernel
> > issues? I've checked the system with lm_sensors and temps are perfectly
> > normal. Also, performance and operation seems to be fine. Even with these
> > errors, my services are running without any hiccups. HELP! :-)
> >
> Would need to see the full error but it sounds like a kernel oops. For
> me at least the useful info would be at the top of the error which wasn't
> included in your email.
> Worst case, configure your system with a serial console and capture the
> error using a terminal emulator on another machine plugged into your
> serial console.
> nate
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